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 how'd she get here?
cliffy's 1999 yzf-r6

i have had the desire to own a bike for as long as i can remember.  and
not just any bike, i had to have a sport bike, commonly referred to as
a "crotch rocket".  over the years i had kept up with the current bikes
via magazines, etc.  so how did i go from the desire to actually owning
one of the hottest bikes on the road today?...  read on and find out!

the decision:  (january 1999)
after reading many magazine articles, i decided that i had to have a yamaha r6.  this was a need, not just a want.  in addition, it had to be blue & white.  i would not accept the red, white, and black color scheme -- it had to be yamaha's racing colors.  with this, i set out to find the shop where i would plunk down my eight grand.
the deposit:  (february 1999)
there was only one problem... there weren't any available!  they were not set to hit the shelves until april and already there were deposits on everyone of them.  each shop could anticipate to see 5 or 6 of them spread across the of april, may, and june.  it seemed like my only choice would be to put down a deposit and hope that the others wouldn't be able to get financed or come up with the cash when the time came.  my odds of getting a blue & white were looking pretty slim.  on the 4th i decided to take the 45 minute drive up the road to this little shop called colorado motorsports in castle rock, colorado.  i asked whether or not they were even going to get a single r6 and they said they were getting two.  when they proceeded to tell me that there were no deposits down on them i couldn't believe it!  i put $300 on my visa and was set to get the first blue one to arrive in april!
the sale:  (april 1999)
the wait seemed like forever.  it was only 2 months but it seemed like a year!  when the call finally came, i was in class and it was not until that afternoon that i checked my messages on my cell.  i headed over there that day to see my bike, still in the crate that it was shipped in!  i had to wait one more day before they were through setting it up and topping off all the fluids.  i took delivery on the 9th.  out the door, the total came to $8,475.90
now:  (october 1999)
well, i put on a new rear tire at 7200 miles.  i now have about 7900 miles and after a hard weekend, i now need a new front tire!  oh well.