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mods & upgrades
cliffy's 1999 yzf-r6

performance upgrades     aesthetic upgrades   maintenance products    what's next!?

currently my bike sports the following modifications...
(if possible, i have also given the price and location where i acquired each item.  i
hope this helps those who like what i've done to my bike and want to do the same.)


mig carbon/kevlar high mount slip-on   (installed 21 october 1999 @ 8000miles)

factory stage one jet kit  (installed 05 october 1999 @ 6800miles)

hyperpro tank mount steering damper  (installed16 october 1999 @ 7600miles)

superbike 699 pro grips (black)  (installed 21 october 1999 @ 8000miles)

eurotail enclosure / light replacement   (installed 21 october 1999 @ 8000miles)
cost:  $280 + self install (3.5 hrs labor)                  purchased from:   euro bikes   (703) 257-9500
notes:  i originally started by mounting the licence plate bracket as far up as it would go and cutting the fender.  this looked pretty good for a 30 minutes worth of labor but the longer i had the bike, the more i hated the tail light of the r6 (its the only thing i don't like on the bike!).  so i decided to go with the eurotail that uses an r1-like tail light that i just love.  combined with the mig high-mount pipe, the bike looks like it belongs on the race track!
lp flush mount III front signals (clear)   (installed 22 october 1999 @ 8000miles)
cost:  $16 (1 pair) + self install (1.5 hrs labor)     purchased from: mc acc warehouse  (800) 241-2222
notes:  i decided to go with the lesser used brother of the popular lp flush mount I turn signals.  i liked these best because they really show off the clear lens.  they accentuate the big headlights and windscreen and look especially good againtst the white stickers on the fairing.  i was gonna use these for the rear too but decided, after putting them against the tail, that they were really big and would upset that clean, race bike look i was looking for.
k&s mini short stalk rear signals (carbon/clear)   (ordered 29 october 1999)
cost:  $16 (1 pair) + self install (1.5 hrs labor)     purchased from: local dealer catalog ???
notes:  i was gonna use the lp III's for the rear too but realized they would mess up the lines of the tail (i paid to have that eurotail look dammit!).  these were the next best thing.  i liked how the bike looked when all the red, orange, and other extraneous colors were removed so i had to get clear rear blinkers.  since lp didn't make them, i went with the k&s equivalent.
second look seat skins (custom blue with black)   (ordered 18 october!!)
cost:  $100 + self install  (? hrs labor)                  purchased from:   second-look   (800) 566-5753
notes:  what i wanted at first was a hard plastic seat like on the r1.  after seeing some pictures, however, i decided it did not look good with the bike.  in addition, the passenger limitation that it would impose would not be worth it.  so i called to order just the passenger portion of the second look seat.  i didn't like the grey so i asked them to make it with black.  unfortunately, to do this would be a 'custom' job and they would charge me $100 regardless of whether or not i had just the rear or both seats made.  obviously, i went ahead and had them both made in blue and black.  i will wait to see how the front looks before i put it on.
css tank pad (black) (installed 28 april 1999 @ 500miles)
cost:  $20 + self install (.1 hr labor)          purchased from:   rocky mt cycle plaza   (719) 591-9700
notes:  this is one of the nicest tank pads i've seen.  it contours to the tank and has a neat shape to it that provides excelent protection from belt buckles, zippers, etc.  while it completes the 'cockpit' look of the front seat area, it also helps in riding by giving a nice physical ridge in the middle of the tank to help you determine where your body is / needs to be when your leaned over hard in a curve.  due to its length, however, it is not very comfortable for long rides when you are tucked in (the transition is right at my chest)
pit-bull 6mm swingarm spools (blue anodized)   (installed 19 october 1999 @ 7900miles)
cost:  $16 + self install  (.1 hr labor)          purchased from:    full spectrum design   (256) 533-1977
notes:  these just make you look cool!  spool stands are nicer than normal swingarm stands because they do not allow the bike to slip and move.  with my old standard stand, the grease and the cleaner on the swingarm would mix and allow the bike to slide on the rubber pads.  pit-bull stands are the most heavy duty out there so i went ahead and ordered the spools from them as well.
laser etched yamaha tuning fork logos (white)   (put on 23 october 1999 @ 8200miles)
cost:  $32 + self install  (.5 hr labor)                   purchased from:    dennis kirk   (800) 328-9280
notes:  i put the larger ones on the sides of the tank above the yamaha text. i put the smaller ones (not laser etched so i had to cut them out very neatly) on the top of the tail behind the rear seat and on top of the front fender.  it helps to make your bike stand out in a crowd (though there are not many r6's where i live anyway...) and makes it resemble the r7 sticker scheme.  its also a conversation piece since many people don't know it is yamaha's logo!?
alloy yamaha logo tire valve caps (installed 28 april 1999 @ 500miles)
cost:  $5  (about 2 seconds... maybe 3)                purchased from:    goleta
notes:  take off the old, put on the new.  its as simple as that!
removed chain guard (done 01 october 1999)
cost:  $free  (only .1 hr labor)                purchased from:    cliffy's elbow grease   (520) 123-4567
notes:  i thoroughly cleaned and lubed my chain (maxima chain wax spray) and ran it around for a few miles before removing the guard.  it is so nice to be able to see more of the chain and that massive 48-tooth rear sprocket.  its only 2 bolts and a plastic screw pin so it is really easy to put on and take off.  each time i lube my chain i plan on putting it back on for a few miles (so i don't fling all that excess lube all over the place).  a pain, maybe, but it looks sweet!
pit-bull spooled rear swingarm stand   (received 19 october 1999)
cost:  $120 + assembly  (.1 hr labor)         purchased from:    full spectrum design   (256) 533-1977
notes:  this is the most rugged, heavy duty, and nice looking stand on the market today.
motul 3100 4t synthetic blend sae 15w50 motor oil
cost:  $22                                                 purchased from:    mc acc depot    877-motodepot
notes:  changed my oil
factory 35mm velocity stacks
cost:  $120    can be purchased from:    factory pro
solid mount foot pegs
cost:  $80           can be purchased from:

zero gravity double-bubble windscreen

cost:  $65          can be purchased from:    not available yet.  still in production.
carbon fibre triple clamp cover
cost:  $20          can be purchased from:    yamaha
carbon fibre inner fairings
cost:  $180          can be purchased from:    yamaha
carbon fibre side covers
cost:  $80          can be purchased from:    yamaha
carbon fibre coolant cover
cost:  $80          can be purchased from:    yamaha