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 factory jet kit
cliffy's 1999 yzf-r6

cost:   $110 + $100 install  (2.5 hrs labor)

purchased from:   street & competition   (518) 279-4598

   originally i did not want to do this.  thats why i just got the yosh slip-on rather than the full system.  but after some research, i discovered that re-jetting was not as scary as i originally thought.  due to a slight flat spot in the mid-range, popping during hard decelerations, and my constant desire for more power, i decided to get a jet kit.   after talking to a variety of people, factory won out over dynojet in a big way.

   i wanted to be there for the installation but the guys who did it at CSA here in tucson gave me a few non-verbals that told me to get out of their hair.  everything went smoothly and my bike came back in one piece so i was happy.
here's the cool little plastic box it came in 

performance review:
   the kit eliminated all popping and smoothed/increased the power delivery throughout the power band.  more to come later...